Believe it or not CM Sweet Bakery offers more than just baked goods; we offer fresh fruit as well. We enjoy the deliciousness of natural foods in all their forms; and sometimes you just can't beat what nature has already created. The perfect simplicity of a ripe strawberry on a summer afternoon can't be argued with.


In addition to offering fruit to our customers we also like to keep it on hand for use in our baked goods. Being a fruit retailer allows us to maintain an inventory of the best fresh fruits available for use in things like cake fillings, pies and pastries. We believe strongly in the quality of our ingredients. There is no denying the fact that you have to start out with quality ingredients to create a quality product. It's just that simple. Quality in, quality out.


So whether you're looking for some delicious fresh fruit or some tasty pastries made from the finest fruit available; stop in and discover just how good true quality tastes.

Ph#: 305-688-0110
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