Our bakers absolutely love bread. At CM Sweet Bakery bread holds a special place in our heart and stomachs. Face it, anything that makes our bakery smell as good as a fresh baked loaf of bread has to be one of our favorite things.


We are fans of all kinds of bread; everything from sourdough to pumpernickel. There are just so many options available when it comes to bread that it's impossible to pick just one as our absolute favorite. Though this doesn't mean that you can't have a favorite, in fact we'd love for you to stop in and try a loaf (or 3) to decide which one you like best.


All of our bread is handmade and fresh-baked every day. When you get a loaf of bread from CM Sweet Bakery you aren’t just getting a delicious piece of bakery; you are getting a promise of quality and an expectation of deliciousness. We take our bread seriously here at CM Sweet Bakery so stop in and taste just how delicious serious bread is.


Ph#: 305-688-0110
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