About Us

CM Sweet Bakery is an establishment where we make it our commitment to treat our customers like family. Everything we do stems from the fact that we consider it our personal duty and responsibility to ensure the satisfaction of everyone who pays us a visit. We take this responsibility very seriously and because of that you can be guaranteed whenever you visit CM Sweet Bakery you will walk away a smile on your face from the delicious products and warm service.


Counter Fresh

Our delicious baked goods are prepared fresh every day so you can be assured that everything you buy from CM Sweet Bakery is counter fresh and sold at the height of its deliciousness. Guaranteeing the freshness of our products is something we think is absolutely essential. When our valued customers walk out the door we want to be confident that they will be back. The best way to keep our customers coming back is to keep them happy; and the best way to keep them happy is to offer them delicious counter fresh bakery each and every time they pay us a visit.

So stop by to taste what baked goods should taste like with our counter fresh treats.


Natural Products

Ensuring the quality of all our baked goods is a very serious responsibility that we approach with the utmost of care. Part of this commitment to quality is accomplished by only using the best ingredients available. That's why we are proud to make use of natural products in many of our baked goods as well as offer homemade stables prepared in a natural manner.

Whether you are looking for natural peanut butter, natural jelly or both; know that at CM Sweet Bakery our chefs and bakers take their jobs seriously and consider the commitment of offering you the best natural products to be something that must be followed at all times.


Pleasant Delivery

We believe that ensuring the quality of our product from oven to doorstep is absolutely essential. When you place an order with CM Sweet Bakery you can be confident that our experienced delivery people will deliver your goods on time and with a smile. Quality baked goods shouldn’t just taste good they should also make you feel good; and there is nothing like a Pleasant delivery experience to help you feel great.


Wholesale Seller

If you find yourself in a situation where you need large quantities of baked goods, ingredients or natural products CM Sweet Bakery can help you out. We have a full featured wholesale department that can help you source the things you need. Our professionals will help you at every step of the way; from placing your order to inventory estimates. Give us a call today so we can discuss your needs and get started immediately.

Ph#: 305-688-0110
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